Get To Know Us

Families smiling together at Ephrata Community Church.

Why We Exist


We consider reaching people who do not know God personally to be one of our greatest responsibilities. The church does not exist for itself, but for the world around it.


Freedom happens in the context of relationships, and relationships are best developed in groups.


Leadership is influence. Nothing more and nothing less. Leadership is about influencing others for a worthwhile cause. It is not about position or titles; it is about discovering our area(s) of influence and making the most of the opportunity.


We have been given an opportunity to make our lives count for all eternity as we find, develop, and fulfill our God-given purpose.

Our Ministries

Weekend Services

Each of our services begin with half an hour of worship. Following this time, children will be dismissed to their ministry areas. Children need to be checked in at the child check-in kiosks in the lower lobby before the start of the service. After the children are dismissed, we will highlight community testimonies and dive into the message. There is a brief ministry time at the service close.

friends talking in Ephrata Community Church lobby.
charismatic flags during worship.
adults praying together at church.
women talking at church.
women talking at church.
Connections Café at Ephrata Community Church.
Jim Ehrman on ECC Podcast.

Listen to the ECC Podcast

The ECC Podcast provides an ongoing opportunity for you to stay connected with us! Listen to our weekend messages as well as follow-up conversations with our pastors and leaders every Wednesday.

Listen to our podcast